Data Centre Expo

Dive Deep into the Heart of Digital Infrastructure

This dedicated section of Global Data Centre & Cloud Expo Canada is your one-stop shop for all things data center. Delve into the intricate world of design, construction, operations, and optimization, gaining practical knowledge and actionable insights to enhance your data center’s performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Sustainability in the spotlight

Discover cutting-edge green technologies and best practices for energy-efficient data centre operations, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing cost savings.

Next-generation data centre design

Explore innovative data centre architecture, cooling technologies, power management solutions, and disaster recovery strategies tailored to the Canadian climate and regulations.


Optimizing data centre performance

Learn from industry experts about capacity planning, server virtualization, network optimization, and automation tools to enhance your data centre’s speed, agility, and uptime.

optimize data center

Security at the forefront

Uncover robust data security solutions and compliance strategies specifically designed to protect sensitive information in the Canadian context.

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